Stop chasing the Leprechaun!

Stop chasing the Leprechaun!   According to fables, Leprechauns are tiny creatures that take the form of an old man in a green coat who are shoemakers by trade. They are known to be impish and sneaky. They store their gold coins in a pot of gold that is hidden at the end of a rainbow.…Read more »

The Waves of Change

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn In my blog “The 5 most frustrating lessons in life” I talked about how frustrating it can be to feel powerless to change something. The war we wage against change can be draining; therefore, being able to accept or even welcome…Read more »

Do More Happy Dances

Thought of the week: Do more happy dances My kids are participating in “the great kindness challenge” at school this week. This entails choosing kindness acts to perform during the week from a provided list. I love this challenge but it got me wondering… Why don’t we have a dedicated class in school that teaches…Read more »

Today I have a choice

Thought of the week: Today I have a choice It’s a great morning. Everyday I get new choices. I have the choice to do things differently and make this day more vibrant than yesterday. I am given an opportunity to take my life in a new direction. What happens to me in the outside world…Read more »

Pass the positive vibes please!

Thought of the week: Pass the positive vibes please! We have all been at a dinner table where someone asks “please pass the salt.” Typically there is nothing notable about the actions you take when you pass the salt. You are simply going through the motions. What if you were more intentional with how you…Read more »

The Art of Reframing

The Art of Reframing As referenced in my blog “The 5 Most Frustrating Lessons in Life”, one of the biggest frustrations in life is being able to accept what is.  “For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.”  -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Why do you mentally fight…Read more »